How do organisations apply?

An organisation grant application form must be completed for each application and sent in together with a set of the latest accounts and any other information which the organisation feels is relevant to their application.

Applications of any size should indicate the whole sum required for the project (provided the expenditure is justified in the application) and the contribution requested from Guildford Poyle Charities. Applications for grants should include clear statements of how the funds will be used and how the project will be monitored and evaluated.

Organisations receiving a grant will be able to show that they operate in ways that have regard to equality of opportunity and inclusiveness.

When will applications be considered?

Organisation grant applications are considered by the Trustees four times a year. The deadline for receipt of application forms is one month before the next meeting. Meetings in 2019 will be held as below:

Date Application Form Required Date of Meeting
Friday 22 February 2019 Tuesday 26 March 2019
Friday 24 May 2019 Tuesday 25 June 2019
Friday 23 August 2019 Tuesday 24 September 2019
Friday 1 November 2019 Tuesday 3 December 2019

Applications sent in after the application deadline will not be considered until the following meeting.

What happens next?

A letter will be sent as soon as possible after the meeting informing you of the decision of the Trustees.

If a grant is made, you will be sent a Conditions of Grant form which a senior officer or trustee must sign before the grant can be given. On this form you will be asked to confirm that the grant will be spent solely on the project for which funding was requested in the application form, that you will inform Guildford Poyle Charities if the project changes from the original application and that you will complete an evaluation report once the project is complete.

Once the Conditions form has been received back, a cheque for the project amount will be sent to you.


An evaluation report form must be completed when the project is finished or within a year of the grant being given if it is for more general costs. There is a standard evaluation report form which will be sent to you by e-mail. The form is also available by clicking here.

Further applications for grants will not be considered unless a satisfactory evaluation report has been received.

Click here for an organisation application form

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