Which organisations are eligible?

Any organisations working with people in need, hardship or distress and where all, or a significant proportion, of their clients live in the central area of Guildford (see map on Home Page). If you are not sure if your organisation is eligible to apply for a grant please contact the office (Contact Us).

Types of grant given

Grants are given for a wide variety of different projects including running costs if a case can be made. Examples of grants given in the past include funding for:

  • a course of parenting classes
  • an upgrade of an organisation’s IT equipment
  • furnishing for supported accommodation for people with learning difficulties
  • equipment for a youth club
  • work with youngsters in danger of being excluded from school
  • the running costs of a club for people who are socially isolated
  • part funding for a money advisor helping people in financial difficulty

We will also consider other types of application. Contact the office (Contact Us) before submission of your application if you are unsure whether your project would be eligible for consideration.

Amount of grant available

Grants can be given up to a normal maximum of £7,500.

An evaluation report will be required following conclusion of the project.

How do organisations apply?

Please click here for more information about the application process.